Kilimanjaro Climb Videos Videos of People Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro Climb – Day 2 – August 3, 2010 – At the Big Tree (Mti Mkubwa) Camp

On the morning of Day 2 of our climb, we are camped out at the Big Tree (Mti Mkubwa) camp, ready to start our second day of hiking. We are at about 9500 feet above sea level, and it is a cool day in the rainforest. Today, we will hike 5 miles (8 km) from Mti Mkubwa to the Shira 1 campsite on the Shira Plateau.


Kilimanjaro Climb – Day 1 – August 2, 2010 – At the Lemosho Route Trail Head

We've survived the wild ride from the hotel to the Londorossi Gate, and on to the Lemosho Route trail head. This is the starting point for our hike, where we will hike 4 miles (6 km) in the African Rainforest to Mti Mkubwa (Big Tree).