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Climbing Kilimanjaro, The Roof of Africa

Kelly Harman of Manassas, Va. tells us about her upcoming trip to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano that is the tallest mountain in Africa. Joining her is Erika Bloom of Serengeti Pride Safaris who will be accompanying Kelly on the trip. They answered your questions live. More on Kelly: More on Erika

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  1. This Climbing Hangout will be amazing! It’ll be the first ever Hangout from a Mountain top! Kudos to your sister!

  2. hello everybody

  3. Hey George. Any questions? {:

  4. I just logged in.. unfortunately I missed most of it… The only question would be, what’s after this? Mount Fuji? K2?

  5. hope they don’t forget to take a -stone from the summit as a reminder… not everyone gets to go to the roof of Africa…

  6. Brilliant interview which brings the experience alive. But I really hope the loos (toliets) are readily available for Kelly! Having been on many holidays with Kelly, regular loo breaks are essential. So much so, it’s become a running joke between our husbands. Loved the solar charger for the iPad! It would be interesting to know what essential items Kelly should bring for the hike. Steve and I wish a fab, safe hike. Bon voyage ma chere amie!

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