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Episode 67: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

My friend Nate and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the continent of Africa. We did a 6 day Machame route hike (which ended up being only 5 days) and successfully made it to Uhuru peak. This is a daily video log of our adventure. (music by DJ Fab)

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  1. Nice video!
    I would have love to see footage of the sky at night.
    Keep it up!
    Jesus Saves

  2. HO my good LORD your the man good job congratulation do you have some picture that you can show in an other video?

  3. Balaclava not baklava. I wouldn’t wear a baklava unless I wanted to taste delicious.

  4. Thanks for sharing!

  5. great video! Merci

  6. great job, i hope to one day get their

  7. Great video journal and thank you for sharing. My wife will be climbing this September and is very excited. Me, I get stuck home in the States with our 3 kids. Hey wait! That doesn’t seem fair!

  8. heeey i was wondering what you did for a camera? like how did you charge it?

  9. I used a Kodak Zx3. It is waterproof, which was nice because it did get pretty wet. There was no way to charge anything on the trip, I just had to try to conserve the battery. It uses a lithium-ion battery that apparently works better than other batteries in the sub-freezing temperatures at the peak.

  10. thanks a lot, i’m doing the climb in the summer and was worried about not being able to get loads of pictures/videos!

  11. great video

  12. Great video,very clear and narration was descriptive. What was the break down of cost to climb and travel?

  13. Our travel costs were minimal since we live in Tanzania and stayed at a friend’s house in Moshi the nights before and after the climb. The hike itself was around $1250 per person, plus $100 for rental gear (I rented pretty much everything) and around $75 per person for tips.

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